Why GRIT Is The Character You Need To Never Give Up

Is grit just any word? Find out why it has the power to help you achieve success no matter how long it might take.


Ordinary people will quit at the first challenge, obstacle or opposition that comes their way but successful people never quit till they win.

Laziness may appear attractive but work gives satisfaction.                         ……….Anne Frank 

Giving up might seem palliative and soothing momentarily but in the long run it is toxic and detrimental. 

People who quit and give up just at the verge of success lack grit. 

  • They never had a clear picture of what they wanted in the first instance.  
  • Their choice lacked a commitment to back up their actions 
  • They forgot their ultimate reason – their why – when they were met with challenges.  

    Most folks know that you need to keep at it to achieve any goal or feat that is worthwhile. Only few actually stick with it to the end and these few are the ones we call Champions, Winners and Super Successful individuals.

    The myth of giving up too soon and the lack of grit has so long held many individuals bondage from achieving their desires, aspirations, dreams and goals. 

    To conquer this limiting mentality, you have to see success as a long term plan. Something that you are commiting to for the rest of your life. Yes it is that serious. When you do you see challenges, obstacles, failures as 

    • Lessons you need to learn as you journey to success 
    • Filling stations for you to recharge and continue the journey with a renewed passion and fire 
    • Check points to ensure that you are still on the right path and a reminder of your ultimate reason – your why

    * The Pain of Giving Up

    There is no individual who is a failure only individuals who quit too soon – Anonymous 

              Have you been frustrated from the list of things you started with enthusiasm,passion and determination for completion only to look back and see your projects all piled up in the folder of unfinished tasks. Your energy to perform new tasks wanes at the thought of your unfinished tasks. 

    This post is for you. It shows you how to develop grit and keep at it till you achieve success even if, and you will, meet failure,frustrations and fatalities on the way.  

    The concept is Do something and don’t stop until it’s complete no matter how long it takes… Benjamin P. Hardy


    Why People Give Up

    I never give up in a match, I give it my best. It’s all I can do                      ………….Roger Federer

    When you don’t know what you want everything that glitters  will seem like gold but when you have the clear mental picture of what it is you want to achieve; 

    • how much money you want to save, the exact score you want from the test, 
    • how much weight you want to lose, 
    • how many push ups you need to do everyday, then you  will you have gotten past the stage that many people are stuck in. 

    In his book Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill talks about desire as a fundamental characteristic to getting money. He further explains that you should hold on to your desire as it is the passion and fire that propels you to take the required action for getting money. The lack of desire and a vague mental picture of one’s choice is fatal in the end. 

    When you can explain what you want in simple terms to the other person with charity and you have a burning desire to see it come to fruition you will find a way where there is no path to follow. When you do you will become a trailblazer and a pathfinder.   

    Always start with the end in view is a vital advice you should hold on to in a bid to avoid the quitters disease, giving up. If  you can see the end with clarity and conciseness at the onset and you are convinced that this is what you want, you will commit to your purpose with grit and great drive that pushes you till you reach the end and the picture that was once a mental screenshot becomes a full blown image in reality. 

    *After Quitting What Next

    The easy way many individuals resort to is to quit without asking the question if I quit what next, what do I stand to loose or gain. They do not weigh the consequences of quitting after putting in some effort that has brought them where they currently are. 

    Moving of any form requires some resistance, friction and the overcoming of inertia of whatever sort. When you choose to quit you choose to forfeit and jettison the resources you have used that brought you to that point. 

    Doing 90% of what is required leaves you with nothing to show in the end. Give it your 100%

    So why did you start in the first place if you never planned for completion. Quitting halfway or at whatever point is like one that never started at all. The negative difference is that you lose confidence in yourself 

    • Your self esteem decreases because you can’t trust yourself to complete a task 
    • You suffer from the pain and fatigue of regret about your decision to start in the first place 
    • You lose vigour and zest to pursue another goal
    • You become a victim of the comfort zone and procrastination moves in with you. 

    *The Distance to Your Success

    Up until the time of writing this article, no machine has been invented that can test a person’s  proximity towards his goal or of achieving success. If such a machine existed I would love to know how many more push-ups I need to build my muscle, how many books I need to read to become a maestro in my vocabulary. 

    While we await the invention let’s leave my fantasies for a minute and delve into a tested path to reaching one’s goal, achieving your dreams, building grit and becoming successful on your terms. 

    A goal is a dream with a date. This definition leaves no room for grit which is most important in achieving your goals. On the journey to success, fulfilment and achievement you will come across road blocks, storms and challenges that will disguise as failures.

    •  Grit is the staying power to keep pursuing your desire. 
    • Grit is the accommodation of failure and embracing it to fail forward. 
    • Grit is the never say die attitude that says, I’ll keep going. 
    • Grit is the power, perseverance and persistence that pushes you towards progress when all your plans fail. 

    *A Burning Passion for      Achievement

     The commitment to a goal, to witness it’s fruition and to see what started as a thought, a desire or an idea come to pass is birthed from the fulfilment and satisfaction that comes from doing the difficult things and knowing that you can, from the joy of being a finisher, the integrity that you committed to your plan and procrastination didn’t get the best part of you. 

    You are confident that you are a goal getter. You are not a coward to your fears, but you take on life with courage and audacity. You love yourself more and the life around you. You are a winner. You are a champion and you will never quit. You will commit till you can touch it. 


     You have one life and you can’t afford to be mediocre, lackadaisical towards life or give up on your dreams. If you still have a breadth of air in you, keep pushing, keep going. You can not stop. Wake up and chase after your dreams till they become reality.  You have grit and it is what you need to succeed. 


    Let me know how gritty you think you are in the comments section and I’d also love to know how you build your grit. I love to hear your thoughts. Let’s talk. 

    Author: chineydum

    An optimist that loves words. Currently offline where I am learning to love God and live a life of excellence.

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