5 Lessons About Hard work from Pawel Poljanski’s Viral Photo That Got Everyone Talking

On the path to success you’ll need essential characters such as discipline, determination, passion, commitment, grit, that will enable you to achieve your goal, fulfil your dreams and become a person of excellence.

 Hardwork is one of such characters that you can’t do without. There is no shortcut to success and working hard. No life hack for sleeping or daydreaming your way to success. It is work. Consistent work. You’ve got to put in the damn work and it’s going to be hard. 

When Pawel’s photo hit instagram it got people talking and I saw things from a different light. Hardwork. This post exposes 5 truths about Hard work we can glean from the viral photo. 

1.It Will Be Hard 

You sure bet. Nothing good comes easy. I know this sounds cliche but many people are still seeking the easy way out. Here’s a spoiler alert. Hard work is hard. If you are not ready to put in the work, go to sleep. 

2. It Will Be Painful. 

No pain no gain. Anything worth gaining is going to bring pain. You have to see the pain as a process to reach the prize. Pain is the price of hardwork you need to pay to get the prize. 

3. It Will Require Grit

Angela duckworth defines grit as the power of passion and perseverance towards a long term goal. In Pawels case he is training for the tour de France. He is committed long term to the actualization of his goal and this keeps him pushing one more time when he feels like on the pedal of his bike. 

4. You Must Conquer Self 

You have to say no to your inner self to achieve what you want. Many individuals will stop when their legs hurt, when the pain increases. This is not the case for Pawel. He pushes past the pain of the moment as a sacrifice for his goal. 

5.It Will Blow Your Mind

Yes, you never expected it to be something anyone can handle. Hard work will beat your expectation of it. It will tempt you to go back. It will stretch your limit. It will break you and you will heal. It will teach you what nothing but the process of hard work can. It will mould you into the person you want to become. 


Brace Up and take the challenge. Put in the work required to succeed. It is not for the easy. The first step is to embrace the fact that hard work is just what it reads work that is hard. 


Author: chineydum

An optimist that loves words. Currently offline where I am learning to love God and live a life of excellence.

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