6 Ways To Tap Into Your Inner Creativity In Today’s World 

Here’s how to unlock your genius, tap into your creative side and live with bliss


Meditation, Yoga, personal development, self motivation, self awareness are all means which a lot of individuals are seeking to tap into their creativity and do things with excellence, with style, with a personal level of mastery. 

No doubt man is creative and the mind of man is where this treasure lies in the deep. Individuals like Da Vinci, Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison, Lionel Messi, Michael Jordan, etc contribute to the ever growing list of creative individuals who have worked their minds, sweated it out and they have found deep down inside of them the creative nature of man and harnessed it’s creativity. 

Ordinary is Mediocre 

What do these creative individuals do differently?  

What activities and exercise do they perform to sharpen their minds? 

Why are they unsatisfied with the norm and choose to seek better ways? 

What propels them to see beyond what is and create novel ideas and solutions to everyday problems? 

This post will answer the above questions, change your perspective at life and give you a new set of lenses that corrects your normal view in your approach to things and ultimately pique your interest in your creative side. The part of you that has been covered in dirt in the deep crevices of your mind. 

I’m as pumped up as you are. Let’s get started and dig in to your creative side with these 10 simple steps.

1. Do What you love 

Why does Kevin Durant engage in grueling and tedious exercises, day after day? Why does Lionel Messi keep training after being named the world best footballer in the world? Why does Taio Cruz read one book every week?  Why did Anthony Robbins read over 600 books in high school? 

The answer is obvious. They all possess a burning obsessive passion for what they do. Each of them does what they do with an obvious touch of excellence and mastery. They love what they do and they will do it in the best way possible. Their love for their work is the driving force, they are not distracted by the benefits that accrue to them as a result of their excellence.

Award winning author of Purple Hibiscus and other novels, Chimamanda  Adichie when asked in an interview what she would be doing if the fame and fortune of winning awards for her books were absent. She replied, I would still write stories. 

Find what you love, commit to it, your passion will grow and your creative self will glow. 

2.Challenge Yourself Everyday 

Life is too short to repeat the mundane stuff everyday. What would the world be if we never explored the different recipes of food we have today, if nobody decided to create new music, new movies, new books and the myriad of various inventions that have changed mankind today. 

Get bored with the normal happenings of your day to day life. When you do you will be open to a new world of opportunities and ideas which you never thought existed. Exercise your mind. Think. Make it work, it will sweat but it will produce great results. 

Thinking is hard work that is why only few do it. Albert Einstein 

Do not be satisfied with the status quo. Be different. Be more. Take the challenge to self everyday. Creativity only comes to those who seek it. 

3.Take Risks 

A life without risks is a life not lived at all. The comfort zone is the death of many ordinary people. This should not be you that seeks to harness your creativity. Your ability to take calculated and intelligent risks will increase your confidence and your creative side will stand out.

In his book Take the Risk, Ben Carson, renowned neurosurgeon lists in what he calls Best Worst Analysis four ways in which he takes risks and how taking risks have helped him reach the level he currently is. 

  • What’s the worst thing that could happen 
  • What’s the best thing that could happen 
  • What’s the worst thing that could happen if I don’t take action 
  • What’s the worst thing that could happen if I take action. 

 Utilize the power of risk taking and become a creative you today.

4.See A Better Picture 

When you look around you, what do you see? Do you see the chaos, the crisis, the pollution, the evil lurking in the world today and the inherent cruelty of man. Truth is these things will remain as long as the earth rotates. 

Creative people on the other hand choose to see a better picture. They see the increase in crime in the society and they get working on a plan to curb crime ultimately. 

Another creative person loses a friend or a loved one to cancer and he commits to study medicine in a bid to find a cure for cancer. 

A creative boy is a victim of bullying at school and he chooses to look past the pain and goes ahead to create an app that seeks to create a solution to bullying giving other victims a voice. 

Creative individuals are solution oriented and this drives their distorted vision towards seeing the better picture and creating new solutions.  

5.Tap into Higher Power 

There is a limit to the creativity of man. Man was created by a creator, this implies that there is One who is higher than him.

 To tap into a higher level of creativity, one that causes men to be in awe and marvel at your works. You need to find a means of communicating with an infinite intelligence. 

Permit me to call this infinite intelligence God. In whatever way you choose, to explore a higher realm of creativity connect with your God and creator. 

For me I tap into higher power of Infinite Intelligence through prayer and meditation. 

Others do yoga, meditate, levitate or reflect. Whatever you do, you will feel refreshed and energised to take on life with a fresh and renewed passion. 

6.Be A Lover Of Nature 

Life is beautiful, and when you choose to  enjoy the everyday things that happen around us you will be awed. You will be inspired. The harmonious synchronization of how the planet works, the laws that govern our living in it, it’s just and fair nature to every being. 

Your brain will become more in tune with the creative nature of the everyday events  we go about ignoring. Events such as the production of our oxygen, the existence of plants, insects, why night and day. 

When you become aware of these events on a higher level you will have been exposed to the highest form of creativity that exists. 

And like begets like, you’ll begin to operate on that realm of creativity. You will no longer operate on the level called ordinary. You’ll perform creative tasks. Your mind becomes an attraction to creative ideas. 

Let me know how you tap into your inner creativity in the comments section and your thoughts on the topic. I’ll be waiting in the comments box. 


Author: chineydum

An optimist that loves words. Currently offline where I am learning to love God and live a life of excellence.

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