Don’t Let Your Limitations Hinder Your Greatness

The richest place in the world is the graveyard – Myles Munroe.

It is a sad reality that we never heard the greatest singers sing their first song or the greatest poets pen down a poem.

A lot of individuals walk through this earth without leaving a mark or impact and fail to realize all the potentialities of greatness and success that lies within them.

It only takes one man to change the world and that man is you but you may die a pauper and an insignificant fellow if you fail to become and execute all that you are cut out for.

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Are You A Loser Or A Winner

       Questions are powerful because they help us to reflect and have a mental conversation with our inner selves to reveal our deepest purpose and passions. 

The following questions will push your limits, they will force you to reflect and cause introspection. 

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2 Extremely Effective Ways To Achieve The Change Your Life Needs

Take action now and activate the change your life needs

Doing what we know we should do to change our lives is hard. It is reasonably easier to form bad habits than to acquire good ones.

You want the good life. You want to be happy. You want a good relationship. You want more money. You want the perfect shape and body.

You want all these things and you have tried different self help skills that promise to change your life in five minutes and read books that guarantee a change in your life in seven days.

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13 Of The Greatest Quotes On Hardwork 

Are you looking for the easy way out? There’s no easy way to reach the top.  You must put in the work if you want to get there. Let these quotes remind you of the importance and power of hard work. 

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​10 Effortlessly Easy Ways To Achieve Your Goal Even If You Have Four Months Left

Running out of time on your goals? No worries, there’s hope. These 10 tips show you exactly how.

Whether you started out the New Year enthusiastic about reaching your goals or you quit pursuing your dreams after the first month, you can make the most out of it before the year runs out.

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​Here’s Why People Quit And Why You Should Not If You Want To Become Unstoppable

Quitting is easy and everybody can do it. When faced with challenges our first choice is to go back to our comfort zone. 

Failing is not the worst thing in the world; quitting is – Edwin Louis Cole
We hate pain. Our brain is structured in a way that makes it act as opposition to any little change in our numerous patterns. It wants to follow the same old patterns it has been accustomed to. 

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