Are You A Loser Or A Winner

       Questions are powerful because they help us to reflect and have a mental conversation with our inner selves to reveal our deepest purpose and passions. 

The following questions will push your limits, they will force you to reflect and cause introspection. 

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2 Extremely Effective Ways To Achieve The Change Your Life Needs

Take action now and activate the change your life needs

Doing what we know we should do to change our lives is hard. It is reasonably easier to form bad habits than to acquire good ones.

You want the good life. You want to be happy. You want a good relationship. You want more money. You want the perfect shape and body.

You want all these things and you have tried different self help skills that promise to change your life in five minutes and read books that guarantee a change in your life in seven days.

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Breathtaking Photos That Show The Power Of The Human Mind 

Nothing can beat the power of a made up mind. The mind is the seat of power and from it emerges all forms of inspiration and creativity. 

The photos below show individuals who harnessed the power of their minds to perform and achieve amazing feats that serve as a source of inspiration to us. 

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41 Ways to Challenge Yourself Everyday 

Don’t waste your life. Face the challenge and reap the benefits of living a courageous life.

Life is short. You already know this. Take risks and reap the rewards. Challenge yourself everyday there is no time to repeat the mundane stuff. 

 No risk no rewards. Know risks know rewards. 

Here are a hundred 💯 ways to Challenge yourself and become better everyday. Let’s do this. 

  1. Wake up one hour early 
  2. Take a cold shower 
  3. Brush your teeth with the other hand
  4. Compliment a stranger 
  5. Log out from all your social media accounts 
  6. Read something from another language 
  7. Learn 5 new words
  8. Listen to music in another language 
  9. Set a daily goal 
  10. Write down your dream 
  11. Take a walk instead 
  12. Give up your space in a queue for the person behind you 
  13. Take a selfie in the crowd 
  14.  Say No emphatically 
  15. Drink more water 
  16. Laugh out loud 
  17. Learn how to knit 
  18. Read a book 
  19. Do 5 push-ups 
  20. Skip a meal 
  21. Draw yourself 
  22. Write a short story 
  23. Call an old friend 
  24. Get a new hairstyle 
  25. Make a new friend 
  26. Volunteer to help someone 
  27. Call a radio station 
  28. Try a new recipe 
  29. Form a new habit 
  30. Do what scares the hell out of you 
  31. Sleep on the floor 
  32. Call your boss 
  33. Stand on one leg while answering a call 
  34. Watch a documentary 
  35. Watch a Ted talk 
  36. Uninstall an app on your phone 
  37. Memorize someone’s phone number 
  38. Learn a new skill 
  39. Stop a bad habit 
  40. Try Yoga 
  41. Take a nap 

    There you have it. The key here is to keep challenging yourself for no limit exists to man except those we put on ourselves .

    Let me know some of the ways you challenge yourself in the comments below. 

    Have a splendid day.