7 Keys To Living A Happy, Blissful And Fulfilling Life

Life is meant to be enjoyed and not endured. You can live a life filled with bliss and perfect peace. This post shows you how.


Man is on a quest for a good happy and satisfying life. Over the years man has sought to find the ultimate thing that brings him perfect peace, joy and happiness. 

He has made new inventions to make life better, developed relationships to love better and intimately, acquiring things for material satisfaction. None of these have helped man to reach the climax of his happiness, the zenith of his joy.

Have you ever asked the question as to what is really the good life, or have you wondered what is the meaning of a blissful life, one that brings you joy, peace and happiness, a life that brings you the satisfaction and feeling that money cannot buy.

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3 Types Of People You Need In Your Life

Who are you spending your time with? They have a great influence on where your life is headed. Find out the folks you really need in your life right now.

The folks that you spend most of your time with determine to a great extent the type of person you eventually become, when you realize it.

You become like the average 5 people you spend your time with- Jim Rohn

It is very vital that you check the people that you hang out with and make sure that you envy the lives they currently lead. Staying in the wrong group often derails you from your goals and you eventually lose focus and begin living a life that is inconsistent with your values. You become frustrated because you keep finding yourself yielding to the influences of the people closest to you.

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Breathtaking Photos That Show The Power Of The Human Mind 

Nothing can beat the power of a made up mind. The mind is the seat of power and from it emerges all forms of inspiration and creativity. 

The photos below show individuals who harnessed the power of their minds to perform and achieve amazing feats that serve as a source of inspiration to us. 

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5 Lessons About Hard work from Pawel Poljanski’s Viral Photo That Got Everyone Talking

On the path to success you’ll need essential characters such as discipline, determination, passion, commitment, grit, that will enable you to achieve your goal, fulfil your dreams and become a person of excellence.

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How to Become a Better You Everyday. 

Don’t settle for mediocre or average. You can be the Best version of yourself today.

So you have discovered that you have enormous capacity in you which can be developed. 

You understand that the  biggest room in the world is not owned by Bill Gates or located somewhere in Texas, on the contrary, it is the room for self improvement. 

You’re frustrated at how much below your capacity you seem to be operating. This frustrates you. It angers you. And good enough it has caused an agitation in your mind to become a better you. 
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​7 Steps to Read through the Bible and Make Daily Bible Reading a Habit.

The Bible is God’s love letter to us. We need to read it and do it often to be reminded of His wondrous love towards us.

I got my first bible when I was ten years old. It was a birthday present from my mom; I admired the white coloured leather back cover and loved the sleekness of the pages as I flipped through.

 I was happy and joyful. What did a young boy like me know? I was naive and I set out to finish the bible in one year. I’m sorry to tell you that ten years after when I was twenty years old and I had acquired more bibles than I could remember, some I bought with my money, the reality of the fact remained, I had not finished reading the holy bible.

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