The Rules For Success Haven’t Changed In 2018

If you want to become successful in 2018 you must play by the unchanging rules of success.


2018 started on a top gear and everyone was motivated and setting goals, starting new habits and developing new changes.  

It seemed everyone was high on some kind of motivation only encountered at the start of the year. 

Maybe you too started something, I’ve got a few questions for you. How are you doing now? Still keeping up? 

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3 Types Of People You Need In Your Life

Who are you spending your time with? They have a great influence on where your life is headed. Find out the folks you really need in your life right now.

The folks that you spend most of your time with determine to a great extent the type of person you eventually become, when you realize it.

You become like the average 5 people you spend your time with- Jim Rohn

It is very vital that you check the people that you hang out with and make sure that you envy the lives they currently lead. Staying in the wrong group often derails you from your goals and you eventually lose focus and begin living a life that is inconsistent with your values. You become frustrated because you keep finding yourself yielding to the influences of the people closest to you.

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​Here’s Why People Quit And Why You Should Not If You Want To Become Unstoppable

Quitting is easy and everybody can do it. When faced with challenges our first choice is to go back to our comfort zone. 

Failing is not the worst thing in the world; quitting is – Edwin Louis Cole
We hate pain. Our brain is structured in a way that makes it act as opposition to any little change in our numerous patterns. It wants to follow the same old patterns it has been accustomed to. 

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5 Lessons About Hard work from Pawel Poljanski’s Viral Photo That Got Everyone Talking

On the path to success you’ll need essential characters such as discipline, determination, passion, commitment, grit, that will enable you to achieve your goal, fulfil your dreams and become a person of excellence.

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Why GRIT Is The Character You Need To Never Give Up

Is grit just any word? Find out why it has the power to help you achieve success no matter how long it might take.

Ordinary people will quit at the first challenge, obstacle or opposition that comes their way but successful people never quit till they win.

Laziness may appear attractive but work gives satisfaction.                         ……….Anne Frank 

Giving up might seem palliative and soothing momentarily but in the long run it is toxic and detrimental. 

People who quit and give up just at the verge of success lack grit. 

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How to Become a Better You Everyday. 

Don’t settle for mediocre or average. You can be the Best version of yourself today.

So you have discovered that you have enormous capacity in you which can be developed. 

You understand that the  biggest room in the world is not owned by Bill Gates or located somewhere in Texas, on the contrary, it is the room for self improvement. 

You’re frustrated at how much below your capacity you seem to be operating. This frustrates you. It angers you. And good enough it has caused an agitation in your mind to become a better you. 
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How to Become a Person of Value 

When you think of value you think worth, you think importance and you think usefulness. 

You are reading this because you want to become a valuable person. 

A person that is useful. 

A person of worth. 

A person of great import. 

I have found out that successful people are always inevitably valuable people because they are always adding value.  

They seek to impart value wherever they are.

 They want to be better. 

They want to do more. 

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