How You become Unstoppable With A Powerful Morning Routine

A simple morning routine followed through consistently has the ability to transform your life for the better. This post shows you how.


This story was told of a horseman who was riding very fast at such a speed that the grasses and the ground beneath him seemed to evolve and disappear into thin air.

After riding at such speed and a great distance, some folks finally got his attention and out of curiosity because of his tremendous speed asked him where he was headed.

And without giving a second thought like a comedian , he smiled and said ‘’ I am going nowhere. What a reply. Sad yet hilarious.

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If You Do This One Thing, You Will Be Successful In 2018

One of the greatest breakthroughs I have ever had in my life took place when I finally realized I had the ability to control my thoughts, and one of the greatest challenges I have ever faced was the challenge to change my thinking once I realized it was possible to do so” ~ Joyce Meyer

Whether you believe it or not, the outcome of your life is a result of the thoughts that play in your head. 

If the previous year was good or great for you, you can attest to the fact that it was a result of your good and positive thoughts. 

And if the year didn’t go as planned or didn’t turn out great, you know that where you missed it was in your mind.

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Are You A Loser Or A Winner

       Questions are powerful because they help us to reflect and have a mental conversation with our inner selves to reveal our deepest purpose and passions. 

The following questions will push your limits, they will force you to reflect and cause introspection. 

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​Here’s Why People Quit And Why You Should Not If You Want To Become Unstoppable

Quitting is easy and everybody can do it. When faced with challenges our first choice is to go back to our comfort zone. 

Failing is not the worst thing in the world; quitting is – Edwin Louis Cole
We hate pain. Our brain is structured in a way that makes it act as opposition to any little change in our numerous patterns. It wants to follow the same old patterns it has been accustomed to. 

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