This is Why Jesus Christ Died for Only You

You matter. You are not just here by chance. Jesus even died for you.

The love Jesus has for you is inexplicable with words, only an experience will suffice to show you the height and depth of His love for you. Hence the display of a selfless and never reenacted act of crucifixion on Calvary.

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This is You Living Free from Your Negative Habits and Addictions

This is a dedication and a heart to heart talk with everyone that is addicted, that has been addicted to something because we all are. This is freedom.

Addiction and addicts are widely looked upon as derogatory but the truth is that we all have addictions. Simply put we are all addicts.

Addicted to one thing, substance, habit or activity that shapes the course and path of lives that we lead. Whether these addictions serve our good or inherently sabotage our lives, the choice is ours to make.

A startling truth is that we choose our addictions. But most times than often we are bedeviled by the wrong choice and live in self confined cages till we break free.

We subconsciously form and start negative habits that transforms in toxic lifestyles that we ever wish to break free from.

This post shows you a life free from the trappings, limits and strongholds of negative habits that we have unconsciously formed which is obviously sabotaging our lives.

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This is what Your Life will Look Like when You Set Your Priorities Right

This is you living your dreams in reality. This is you living up all your potentialities. This is you that is amazing, awesome and alive. This is the life you were born to live.

This is you living your dreams in full colour. This is you taking massive action that produce great results. This is the life you once fantasized about.

This is the life you love because it is your life controlled by your choices and no external influence. This is real living. Living at its best. This is a glimpse of what your life will look like when you set your priorities straight.

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Life Changing Truths On Life, Love And Faith Every 20-Something Should Know

There’s just something about the 20-somethings. Its a phase of choices, decisions and discovery. You must get it right here for access to an unstoppable future. Many blow up their chances and squander vital opportunities because of a care free attitude, naivety, ignorance and foolish innocence. This will not be you. This post gives you practical truths to guard you against the many mistakes you’re prone to make in the heyday of your glorious Twentys

Your twenties is a phase in your life where all of life happens. You try and fail at a couple of things.

You have a lot of questions to ask and no one seems to care to answer, not even your buddies. They seem confused to and trying to figure out what their life is really about.

Navigating through life can be a hell of bullshit without advice. I know because I’ve been there and done that.

Here’s good advice from someone that has been through the twenties to help you rock life in your twenties. You ready. Let’s cut to the chase.

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