Don’t Let Your Limitations Hinder Your Greatness

The richest place in the world is the graveyard – Myles Munroe.

It is a sad reality that we never heard the greatest singers sing their first song or the greatest poets pen down a poem.

A lot of individuals walk through this earth without leaving a mark or impact and fail to realize all the potentialities of greatness and success that lies within them.

It only takes one man to change the world and that man is you but you may die a pauper and an insignificant fellow if you fail to become and execute all that you are cut out for.

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50+ Things You Should Do If You Really Want To Be Successful

Success is what you call it, but whatever it is, you can achieve good success if you do these things.

Success means many things to different individuals but however you define it, writing a book, getting the perfect body, running a marathon, becoming a millionaire, graduating summa cum laude, getting a yes from your girlfriend, success is living life according to your own terms, by your dictates and not by someone else’s definition.

When this is true you do what you do with joy, with or without a reward, whether you are popular or not. You live according your definition of success.

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How You become Unstoppable With A Powerful Morning Routine

A simple morning routine followed through consistently has the ability to transform your life for the better. This post shows you how.

This story was told of a horseman who was riding very fast at such a speed that the grasses and the ground beneath him seemed to evolve and disappear into thin air.

After riding at such speed and a great distance, some folks finally got his attention and out of curiosity because of his tremendous speed asked him where he was headed.

And without giving a second thought like a comedian , he smiled and said ‘’ I am going nowhere. What a reply. Sad yet hilarious.

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4 Simple Ways To Create An Image Of Excellence by Mary Kay Ash

Learn the principles of positive self image from someone who knows about self image.

Excellence is the word we all want to be associated with. Most successful people set out daily to lead the best lives possible. They will stop at nothing till they achieve their goals with a touch of excellence.

Purposeful individuals live their lives with a daily renewal of their life long commitment to excellence.

You can choose to pursue excellence in whatever aspect of your life and gradually see a change in other aspects you previously considered mundane.

Yeah I know. It sounds great and this can be you.

In an article on personal excellence Mary Kay Ash shares her personal tips for establishing an atmosphere for success in your life and practical tips to create an Image of excellence.

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The Rules For Success Haven’t Changed In 2018

If you want to become successful in 2018 you must play by the unchanging rules of success.

2018 started on a top gear and everyone was motivated and setting goals, starting new habits and developing new changes.  

It seemed everyone was high on some kind of motivation only encountered at the start of the year. 

Maybe you too started something, I’ve got a few questions for you. How are you doing now? Still keeping up? 

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If You Do This One Thing, You Will Be Successful In 2018

One of the greatest breakthroughs I have ever had in my life took place when I finally realized I had the ability to control my thoughts, and one of the greatest challenges I have ever faced was the challenge to change my thinking once I realized it was possible to do so” ~ Joyce Meyer

Whether you believe it or not, the outcome of your life is a result of the thoughts that play in your head. 

If the previous year was good or great for you, you can attest to the fact that it was a result of your good and positive thoughts. 

And if the year didn’t go as planned or didn’t turn out great, you know that where you missed it was in your mind.

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Don’t Make New Year Resolutions! Here’s How To Have A Stupendously Great Year. 

So you want a great year, huh? These tips will revolutionise your life. Plus what success gurus fail to tell you.

Let’s cut to the chase. 2018 is in full gear already. Everyone is starting something new, habits, businesses, goals, relationships, plans etc. We all want to accomplish something. We are in a rush. 

The social media is trending with novel ideas and infant start-ups. The energy is intense and electrifying, you can feel it in the atmosphere. It’s the start of something new. The year is here and it just got started. 

This post is not about the statistics of people that start the year with resolutions and fail to follow through even past the first month- sad. 

This is a practical no nonsense guide to how you can make this year your year of accomplishment and a memorable one for a long time. 
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