If You Do This One Thing, You Will Be Successful In 2018

One of the greatest breakthroughs I have ever had in my life took place when I finally realized I had the ability to control my thoughts, and one of the greatest challenges I have ever faced was the challenge to change my thinking once I realized it was possible to do so” ~ Joyce Meyer

Whether you believe it or not, the outcome of your life is a result of the thoughts that play in your head. 

If the previous year was good or great for you, you can attest to the fact that it was a result of your good and positive thoughts. 

And if the year didn’t go as planned or didn’t turn out great, you know that where you missed it was in your mind.

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Don’t Make New Year Resolutions! Here’s How To Have A Stupendously Great Year. 

So you want a great year, huh? These tips will revolutionise your life. Plus what success gurus fail to tell you.

Let’s cut to the chase. 2018 is in full gear already. Everyone is starting something new, habits, businesses, goals, relationships, plans etc. We all want to accomplish something. We are in a rush. 

The social media is trending with novel ideas and infant start-ups. The energy is intense and electrifying, you can feel it in the atmosphere. It’s the start of something new. The year is here and it just got started. 

This post is not about the statistics of people that start the year with resolutions and fail to follow through even past the first month- sad. 

This is a practical no nonsense guide to how you can make this year your year of accomplishment and a memorable one for a long time. 
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The Success Trait We All Can Learn From The Japanese 

Success is a sumptuous meal that contains ingredients such as action, belief, commitment, discipline, failure, goal setting etc but constant and never ending improvement is the fire that cooks up all the ingredients to form a balanced and edible diet of true success.

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3 Confidence Killers You Should Avoid At All Cost 

Your confidence is key to your success. Make sure to avoid these killers if you want to see your confidence grow and thrive.

Confidence is charisma. It is poise, panache and the aura that a person full of courage exudes. 

Confidence is the difference between the sales rep that gets the deal and one who doesn’t. 

Confidence will change your life if you harness the potentialities it promises one who has mastered the art of confidence. 

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Discover These 100 Fascinating And Stunning Facts About The Human Body 

Our bodies don’t just give us our identity. They do more than we think. Wanna find out?

If you are a robot reading this, brace up for you are about to get jealous. The human body is more than just skin and bones or for emotional connection. 

Think of it as a sophisticated machine embedded in a body suit to equip your stay on planet earth and protect you from impending harm and discomfort. 

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How To Think Like Successful People 

Great thinking is what we all must learn and perfect if we really want to be successful. The way you think largely determines the outcome of your life. 

Our thoughts determine our destiny. Our destiny determines our legacy – John. C. Maxwell 

When you develop the process of good thinking as leadership guru, John Maxwell puts it in his book, How Successful People Think, you can rule yourself even under tough and difficult situations. Good thinkers are successful.

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Are You A Loser Or A Winner

       Questions are powerful because they help us to reflect and have a mental conversation with our inner selves to reveal our deepest purpose and passions. 

The following questions will push your limits, they will force you to reflect and cause introspection. 

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